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Contemporary Studies

Make an impact as a Christian in the modern world.

Christians are called to act, speak and live in a way that impacts the world and points people to the hope and love of God while supporting them through the challenges of everyday life. But the world is always changing; life is always moving. So, we not only need to have an understanding of how to serve others, but we also need an understanding of how to do this while taking into account the circumstances they face and the contexts we find ourselves in.

Our Contemporary Courses are where this happens.

Introduction to Christian Care & Counselling (ICCC)

Most people need help at times as they journey through life. A sympathetic listening ear is always appreciated, but sometimes people need more. We can help equip you to play a part in the lives of those who are struggling, enabling them to move forward and discover the freedom to grow into all that God desires them to be.


Every now and then, you need a bitesize guide through an issue, or to help you in your spiritual growth. Our range of eLearning courses feed your mind in your own time and at a pace that suits you best. These courses are ideal for individuals, small groups and congregations.

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