Who am I? Do I matter? What’s the point?

In almost all walks of life, there seems to exist a ‘rule of three’… from aviation to mathematics; education to chemistry; the survival priorities of water, shelter and food. We expect so many other things in threes, too, from the three blind mice to big red buses.

When it comes to understanding ourselves, we keep coming back to three things that define, complete and motivate our personality; three things that largely determine our words, reactions and our life’s direction; these three things that were designed by God to draw us into relationship with Him:

Security, Self-worth and Significance.

These 3 Things offers a unique and easy to understand approach to how we can deepen our dependence on God to meet our need for security, self-worth and significance. There is free online video teaching, small group studies and sermon outlines available alongside the book so individuals, small groups, or a whole church can grow together and learn from each other.

01 For you
Spend six weeks reading through the devotional book, discovering how to find your security, self-worth and significance in God. Buy the book.

02 For your small group
Free online video teaching and study guides to help your small group learn and share together as you work through the book.

03 For your church
Free online sermon outlines for church leaders, and everything you need to let your church know about These 3 Things. 

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