Get involved

It is really easy to get involved with Transformed Living at any time throughout the year. In its simplest form, you can work through the 50-day devotional book and enjoy a personal discovery with Transformed Living. But to get the full benefit, with whole church teaching and small group studies, we recommend that everybody in the church gets involved in the programme.


Step 1 – Sign up and get access

Sign up to get access to an online Sample Booklet and all free online resources for leaders. You can also ask for a free posted Welcome Pack, with promotional materials to get your church started. Once you have signed up, you will receive a password which you will need to go to the log in page.

Step 2 – Invite your church

The resources online and in your free Welcome Pack are ideal to invite your church to take part in the Transformed Living series. The artwork provided gives you the flexibility and choice to create your own posters, flyers and invitations.

Step 3 – Download the free resources

Download the free online resources, such as sermon outlines, small group studies and videos, which enable your whole church to grow together.

Step 4 – Order the books

The 50-day devotional Transformed Living is designed to underpin the whole church programme. Bulk order discounts are available for your church or small group here.

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