What is Transformed Living?

Transformed Living is a seven-week church programme that helps you and your church explore what it looks like in practice to live life 'in Christ'. Underpinning the programme is the 50-day devotional book Transformed Living, written by Senior Pastor and author Dave Smith. Transformed Living is a stand-alone programme, but can be used as the second part of a series with Transformed Life, which focuses on questions of identity, purpose and belonging, using Ephesians 1–3.

To get the most out of Transformed Living there are supporting free online resources for your church:

  • Sermon outlines

  • Small group materials

  • Video teaching

  • Artwork and templates

Get involved and sign up now to access the free online resources and to order a free posted Welcome Pack.

What are the weekly topics of Transformed Living?

Introduction Week
Week 1 – Living Worthy, Keeping Unity
Week 2 – Unity and Maturity through Diversity
Week 3 – Purity
Week 4 – Live in Love and Light
Week 5 – Live in Wisdom and by the Spirit
Week 6 – Life in the Home and Workplace
Week 7 – The Armour of God

A great way to start each new week is during your church's Sunday sermon. The free weekly sermon outlines and study guides are available to support you.

How can I get the best out of the Transformed Living programme?

We recommend that you set aside the full seven weeks to journey together as a church community or with your small group. There is something about focusing together on a particular topic, supported by multiple resources, that helps people grow in their personal relationship with God. We have therefore worked hard to create multiple resources, allowing everyone to learn together, not just on a Sunday or at a small group, but every single day of the week.

How much time does Transformed Living take to do as a church?

Although the book covers 50 days (seven weeks and one day), the Transformed Living church programme consists of eight weeks in total, kicking off with an Introduction Week and then diving into seven teaching weeks.

When should I start Transformed Living at my church?

Transformed Living can be started at any point of the year. It is a stand-alone programme, but can be used as the second part of a series with Transformed Life which focuses on questions of identity, purpose and belonging, using Ephesians 1–3.

Who is Dave Smith?

You can read more about author Dave Smith here.

Can I duplicate or photocopy the Transformed Living resources for other members in my church or small group?

All of the free resources on this website (such as the sermon outlines and small group studies) can be duplicated or photocopied for free. However, the Transformed Living book is not free and should not be photocopied. Please contact us for bulk buy discounts on Transformed Living.

Can I edit the free resources?

Absolutely! We've purposefully uploaded resources, such as the sermon outlines and small group studies, as Microsoft Word documents so that you can download and change them however you like, to fit into your church and small group.

What is Transformed Life?

Transformed Life is Dave Smith’s previous church programme, which focused on identity, purpose and belonging while journeying through Ephesians 1–3. To find out more, go to the Transformed Life website.

Who are Waverley Abbey Trust?

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