What is Transformed Life?
At the heart of Transformed Life is a book written by best-selling author and Senior Pastor Dave Smith. Each of the 50 practical, daily devotional readings in Transformed Life takes you through Ephesians 1—3 to study the key life issues of purpose, identity and belonging. Suitable for both individuals and small groups, the book can be worked through in 7 weeks.

Ultimately though, Transformed Life is much more than just a printed resource – it is a whole 8-week tried-and-tested church programme that includes a variety of free online resources. Suitable for all ages of the congregation (from children and young people to adults) the programme brings your church together for 8 weeks, with 1 introductory week and 7 weeks of teaching.

When should I start Transformed Life at my church?
Transformed Life can be embarked on during any point of the year. We recommend that the start of the autumn term is a good time to begin the Transformed Life journey as it brings the whole church together after the summer.

How much time does Transformed Life take to do as a church?
Although the book covers 50 days (7 weeks and 1 day), the Transformed Life church programme consists of 8 weeks in total, kicking off with an Introduction Week and then diving into seven teaching weeks.

Here is an outline of the whole programme, including the weekly theme titles:

Introduction Week
Week 1 – Brand new
Week 2 – Eternally blessed
Week 3 – Pray for revelation
Week 4 – Alive for His purpose
Week 5 – Belonging to His family
Week 6 – Gifted for service
Week 7 – Pray for power

We recommend that you start each new week during your church’s Sunday sermon. You can even use the free weekly Sermon Outlines and study guides to support you.

How can I get the best out of Transformed Life church programme?
We highly recommend that you set aside the full 8 weeks to journey together as a church family or as a small group. There is something about focusing together on a particular topic, supported by multiple resources, that helps people grow in their personal relationship with God. We have therefore worked hard to create multiple resources, allowing everyone to learn together, not just on a Sunday or at a small group, but every single day of the week.

Who is Dave Smith?
Dave Smith has been called one of the most inspirational Christian leaders in the UK today and is Senior Pastor at KingsGate Community Church in Peterborough, Cambridge and Leicester. He became a Christian whilst studying at Oxford University and went on to complete a Doctorate. He and his wife Karen planted KingsGate in 1988, a lively and thriving church which has obtained national profile on Songs of Praise and BBC Radio 1.

Dave has also written the best-selling 40 Days with Jesus (Waverley Abbey Trust, 2014), which is a post-Easter resource that invites you to actively explore the accounts of the risen Jesus. For more information on this excellent resource, visit www.40days.info

Can I duplicate or photocopy the Transformed Life resources for other members in my church or small group?
All of the free resources on this website (such as the sermon outlines, small group study guides and lesson plans) can all be duplicated or photocopied for free. However, the Transformed Life book is not free and therefore should not be photocopied. Please contact us for bulk buy discounts on these printed products.

Can I edit the free resources?
Absolutely! We’ve purposefully uploaded resources, such as the sermon outlines and small group study guides, as Microsoft Word documents so that you can download and amend them as much or as little as necessary to fit your church congregation.