Spring Harvest Holiday with Dr Micha Jazz

When:  23-28 May 2022
Where:  Le Pas Opton, France
To bookhttps://springharvestholidays.com/feature-weeks/be-still-and-know-retreat

You may know Dr Micha Jazz as the author of Every Day with Jesus and dean of Waverley Abbey College. Through his devotionals, he shares biblical wisdom and his own life experiences to help you walk more closely with Jesus every day.

Now’s your chance to enjoy exploring your faith, while on retreat in the sun. Join Dr Micha Jazz and his wife Jayne for five days of holiday and retreat at Spring Harvest’s French holiday park.

At Le Pas Opton, relaxation and refreshment are a top priority. These five recreational days will give you all the usual holiday opportunities – great food and drink, four-star holiday facilities and quality accommodation in a Christian environment.

And the Every Day with Jesus Retreat offers even more! It’s an opportunity to step away from the daily rhythms of life and pause to reflect with the support of an experienced Retreat Guide. You can make this a personal retreat or join a small group for discussion and prayer.

“Over the past few years my wife Jayne and I have enabled many people to find new rhythms, greater depth and fresh life in their relationship with God” comments Micha. “We’re excited and looking forward to sharing with guests at Le Pas Opton in its unique holiday environment.”

Words like meditation, contemplation and retreat are not normally found at the heart of the evangelical vocabulary. But Micha promises to explain their value and help guests explore and discover their spiritual benefits, perhaps for the first time.

Together, he and Jayne will also lead a daily communion service in the morning and the evening office of Compline for all who wish to join in.

To book your place, visit https://springharvestholidays.com/feature-weeks/be-still-and-know-retreat

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