Small groups are a key component of church life. With so many different ways of running them, how can you nurture your church community through your small groups?

We’ve teamed up with Andy Peck to bring his seminar Building Small Groups Through Community on the road, to answer some of those questions. You can book the course at a time and venue that suits you.

The course looks at:

  • What God is looking for in community life
  • How small groups are a key part of our growth in Christ
  • Why small groups sometimes make things worse
  • The typical process of community development
  • The ‘community killers’ that we need to overcome

If this sounds like something that may benefit your church, when can you book a seminar?

Well, it’s really up to you.

You can cover the material on a Saturday morning, or during an evening mid-week. And the location is wherever works best for you – perhaps your church building.

Andy also has a couple of other seminars available, that might interest you and your church. They are:

  • Renewing your mind: How the latest teaching in neuroscience overlaps with what the Bible says; and
  • Understanding the Bible in today’s world: An overview of the entire Bible and tools for how to interpret it in the modern world.

To book a seminar, and for more information on costs, all you need to do is email Andy on Feel free to ask him any other questions about the course.

Many blessings

Waverley Abbey College