YPs: Volume 1 Jul/Aug



YP’s is for young people, everywhere! Read a bit of the Bible every day, explore lots of stuff about you and God – cracking puzzles and playing quizzes along the way!

In this issue…

What is the meaning of this?! >>

Sanctification… redemption… justification… advocate… righteousness… just what the Dickens are we on about here?! The $YP’s$ guide to Christianese is here to help you translate some of the Bible lingo so that we’re all on the same page.

Jesus, our hero >>

So… just what exactly is it that Jesus has done for us? What did His sacrifice mean, and why was it necessary? And just what exactly is a high priest?! The book of Hebrews is kind of like a highlight reel of Jesus’ greatest achievements, with plenty of director’s commentary, and we’ll be taking a good look.

Deliberately different >>

You might not think it, but being a Christian is actually a pretty rebellious way to live! Jesus calls us to live counter-culturally – to swim against the tide, if you like – and He gave us some pretty awesome tips for doing so…

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