When Faith Gets Shaken (DVD)

When Faith Gets Shaken – DVD



Based on Patrick Regan’s journey through some particularly difficult – potentially faith-shaking – life experiences (as told in his book of the same name), this DVD brings alive honest reflections on how we can focus on God and keep going when our faith gets shaken.

Filmed on location in London, Patrick uses Scripture, personal testimony and powerful, moving interviews with friends, family members and colleagues to lead us through how we can rethink: trust, peace, courage, surrender, guilt and hope, when facing challenging times.

Ideal for small groups and individuals, the six sessions, of approximately fifteen minutes each, are entitled:

  • God, where are You?
  • Peace
  • Rethinking courage
  • Guilt
  • Anger
  • Dreaming again

Each session includes on-screen discussion starters.
Music by Andy Flannagan

Challenging, uplifting, honest and vulnerable. – Mike Pilavachi

If your faith has been challenged by the impact of suffering or struggle then this DVD is for you. Packed with honest stories of suffering and a wisdom that has been distilled by its flames, prepare to be comforted and refreshed. – Will Van Der Hart

Something incredibly powerful happens when real people tell us the truth – it has the capacity to reach deep into our hearts and souls, and bring about a transformation. – Danielle Strickland

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