Whatever Happened to the Rich Young Man


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Churches in the West are renowned for responding to the measured needs of the vulnerable within their communities. Yet what about those who present as self-sufficient? With no apparent or obvious needs? Whatever Happened to the Rich Young Man? The Church and the New Marginalized challenges the church to broaden its reach beyond welfare and to seek to engage with (what Foster calls) the New Marginalized (non-welfare demographic), those whose spiritual needs are just as great. Including two case studies within evangelical third place cafes, that are seeking to do just that, this book will awaken the church to embark on a broader vision.

About the author

Keith Foster is the UK director of The Bonhoeffer Project and a senior lecturer in theology at ForMission College; additionally he is the head of Chaplaincy at Waverley Abbey College. Previously Keith coauthored the book Body and Blood: The Body of Christ in the Life of the Community.

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