Unshakeable Confidence




Confidence can take many guises, but what does true, unshakeable confidence look like? Guided by the truth and strength of God’s Word and the power of His unwavering love for each one of us – and with vulnerable transparency – Jen walks us through her own journey from debilitating fear to unshakeable confidence.

Be encouraged as you uncover:

  • Foundational Keys
  • Immovable Truths
  • Dangerous Lies
  • A Brilliant Future

Along the way, you’ll develop the kind of confidence that will help to silence the voice of doubt and empower you to become the woman that God created you to be.

About the author

Jen Baker is an author, speaker and pastor who has a deep love for the Bible, the presence of the Holy Spirit and the impact that faith can have in our world. She has authored seven books and has been involved pastoral ministry for over 20 years, both in the US and the UK. Jen has personally taken many steps of faith, including selling her home and possessions and moving overseas as a single woman. She has also directed a charity heavily involved in assisting survivors of modern-day slavery. Jen loves running, the seaside and coffee – not in that order.

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