Topz: Volume 1 May/Jun


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Welcome to Topz! – an exciting, day-by-day look at the Bible with the Topz Gang! It’s fun, colourful – and will help you get to know God and His Word!

In this issue…

Happy Families:

We learn how God made us all part of His family so we can share the good times, and support each other when things are hard.

Roller Coaster Topz!

Topz go on a Sunday School trip to a theme park and we learn how God wants us to be unselfish, to trust Him to look after us and never let us down, and to pray to Him when we’re afraid.

A Funny Name:

We follow the amazing life of Isaac, from his miraculous birth to Abraham and Sarah, through to his death as a very old man.

What’s Grace?

Topz learn about the free gifts God gives us (grace) even though we’ve done nothing to deserve them.

Opening Acts:

Topz put on a school play and we learn about the things that happened to the Apostles after Jesus went back to heaven and sent the Holy Spirit to help them.

Topz at the Zoo:

A visit to the zoo helps Topz to understand the importance of listening carefully to God, controlling our tempers and not taking practical jokes too far.


The letter Paul wrote to Philemon and how his runaway slave Onesimus became his Christian brother.

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