Topz: Volume 2 Sep/Oct



Welcome to Topz! – an exciting, day-by-day look at the Bible with the Topz Gang! It’s fun, colourful – and will help you get to know God and His Word!

In this issue…

John’s Writez – We look at two of the letters of Jesus’ disciple John — 2 and 3 John.

Skate Away Topz – Topz visit the ice rink and learn some important lessons about growing as a child of God.

Joseph in a Jam – All about the young man in the Bible whose gift for interpreting dreams got him into a lot of trouble.

The Beth Place to Be – In the Bible, a place called ‘Beth’-something means ‘House of’ something. This section looks at some of these places, including Bethlehem and Bethesda, and the things which took place there.

Seven-day Party – In Bible days there was a terrific excitement and happiness at a good harvest, but God was never left out of things. This section looks at how the Israelites celebrated harvest.

All Good Gifts – We learn how we can thank God for His goodness to us.

Woodland Walk – Topz go exploring in the woods, and we learn about exploring God’s Word, the Bible.

Danger – Keep Out! – God cares about us and doesn’t want us to be hurt. Here we look at God’s warnings in the Bible about things which can be harmful to us.

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