Topz: Volume 2 Mar/Apr



Welcome to Topz! – an exciting, day-by-day look at the Bible with the Topz Gang! It’s fun, colourful – and will help you get to know God and His Word!

In this issue…

A Test for Job: Benny shows us what we can learn from the experiences of Job in the Bible

I Met Jesus: Some stories of people who met Jesus face to face

Mum’s the Word! A look at mums in the Bible as we celebrate Mothers’ Day

Abbie Leaves: The Gang say goodbye to Abbie and reflect on how becoming a Christian has changed her

Just Like Us: The Topz gang learn from the book of Ruth that the Bible is full of people just like us

Signs and Promises: We see that God is always there, even bringing good from something that seems bad

Topz Horse Around: God gives us rules to obey for our own good

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