Topz: Volume 1 Jul/Aug


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Welcome to Topz! – an exciting, day-by-day look at the Bible with the Topz Gang! It’s fun, colourful – and will help you get to know God and His Word!

In this issue…

What’s faith?

Topz and the Bible show us what faith is: believing, trusting and hoping in Jesus.

A woof from Gruff:

Gruff gets a chance to get a few things off his chest!

Tongue Talk:

The Bible has a lot to say about the damage we can do to others through unkind and careless talk. Topz show us how we can do better in what we say.

Meet Micah:

We learn how the prophet Micah was called by God to turn people away from doing wrong.

Benny’s angel:

Benny has a narrow escape from injuring himself on his bike and through this learns that God’s angels protect us from harm, even if it may seem we are being prevented from doing things we want to do.

The Dangerous days of David:

We learn how David handled a friendship, cared for a leader and trusted God through dangerous times.

Walk this way:

Topz discover why Jesus is the best leader anyone could possibly have.

Jonny goes to church:

We see through the example of Jonny, who has recently become a Christian, just how the wonderful transformation that takes place in a new Christian changes their behaviour for the better.


PLUS special features and puzzles.

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