Topz: Volume 1 Jan/Feb



Welcome to Topz! – an exciting, day-by-day look at the Bible with the Topz Gang! It’s fun, colourful – and will help you get to know God and His Word!

In this issue…

A day with Danny:

A difficult day for Danny shows us how we can involve God in the ups and downs of our lives.


How Paul the Apostle, God’s Dangerman, had the courage to tell the world about Jesus even though it often put him in danger.

Doctor Dave:

God helps Dave to overcome his disappointment at being let down and come to the rescue of the person who has disappointed him.

Read the signs:

How Jesus used the miracles He performed as ‘signs’ that He was the Son of God.

Bible Beasties!:

A trip through the Bible to see what beasties we can find – and why they are there.

Sarah in a panic:

How God will always help and forgive us for wrong things we do when we are truly sorry.

The Giant-Slayer:

How God often uses small things or people to do great things for Him.

PLUS special features and puzzles.

Please note that this issue does not contain an entry for 29 February.

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