Topz Secret Diaries Christmas Countdown


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Can you do magic tricks, are you good at telling jokes or do you have the voice of an angel? If so, the Topz Gang need you! They are busy organising a big party for the people in Holly Hill who might be on their own this Christmas. But it looks like Sarah may have lost interest in Topz and doesn’t seem to want to help the friends that really need her.

This fun-stacked book includes diary entries for each of the Topz Gang (including its fluffier members!) and is packed with stonking verses from the first ever Christmas story book, the Bible! So if you’re feeling excited about Christmas, join the whole Topz Gang in their countdown to the most important birthday of all!

About the author

Alexa Tewkesbury is a children’s writer whose books include It’s A Boy! and The Christmas Star’s Big Shine. She also writes the Pens series and the popular Topz Diaries. Alexa lives in South Devon and also performs with Moonstone Theatre Company.

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