Topz Gospels: Mark


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There are some things Benny just wants to know everything about. Like when’s lunch and how to make the best paper aeroplane. But the thing he most wants to know about? Jesus. The most amazing Man to have ever lived.

What would life have been like back in Bible times? What did Jesus look like? What would He say and do?

Benny imagines the Topz Gang back in the times of Jesus.
They meet some of the other children living in that exciting time and place Benny and the rest of the Gang even get to see Jesus telling people about God and doing stonking miracles!

The whole Gang get to learn the real meaning of some of their favourite stories from the Gospel of Mark in the Bible.

About the author

Alexa Tewkesbury is a children’s writer whose books include It’s A Boy! and The Christmas Star’s Big Shine. She also writes the Pens series and the popular Topz Diaries. Alexa lives in South Devon and also performs with Moonstone Theatre Company.

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