These Three Things


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In almost all walks of life, there seems to exist a ‘rule of three’…

… from aviation to mathematics; education to chemistry; the survival priorities of water, shelter and food. We expect so many other things in threes, too, from the three blind mice to big red buses.

When it comes to understanding ourselves, we keep coming back to three things that define, complete and motivate the personality; three things that largely determine our words, reactions and our life’s direction; these three things, designed by God to draw us into relationship with Him, to answer the big questions of life:
Who am I?
Do I matter?
What’s the point?

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About the author

Mick Brooks has worked CWR’s Chief Executive and consulting editor of Every Day with Jesus. His extensive background in nursing (both general and mental health), years studying theology and his role as Dean of Students at West Indian Bible school has given him invaluable experience in pastoral care, people helping and relationship building.

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