The One Big Question


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Why does a God of love allow bad things to happen to good people?

Michael Baughen’s years of biblical study and life experience come together to address this issue and sensitively explore not only the ‘why’ but also the ‘how’ to deal with suffering.

He avoids patronising solutions and trite answers and points to the cross of Christ and the love of God.

Using examples from Christians who have seen God working through suffering in their own lives, this book will help you to come to terms with suffering and will provide some answers to that ‘One Big Question’.

This updated edition is now with added group and personal study questions

“I found this compelling reading. Michael Baughen seeks to answer, and achieves brilliantly, the question most commonly asked of Christians: how can there be a God of love when there is so much suffering? There are no patronising or condescending platitudes in his answers, but a carefully researched, sensitive response to this most difficult subject.’

It will equip Christians in understanding, stimulate deeper faith and witness, as well as giving comfort and hope to the hopeless and perplexed and encouragement to those who are suffering.” – Fiona Castle