The Manual - Prayer

The Manual: Prayer



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What’s prayer all about? How do you pray? What should you be saying?

Fears and doubts, questions and plans, hopes and dreams… all of these and more can be brought to God in prayer. By delving into the book of Psalms, consider how you can bring the things that really matter to you to the God who listens.

Whatever your experience of prayer, explore how a simple conversation with God can fuel, inspire and direct your faith and life every day.

About the author

Nathan Blackaby is the Executive Director of CVM (Christian Vision for Men), a global movement of men focused on introducing 1,000,000 men to Jesus Christ. At CVM Nathan leads the team speaking to and reaching thousands of men each year with the gospel. Nathan has been married to Jennie for 15 years and together they have 3 children. Author of Founding Fathers and other CVM resources, Nathan enjoys writing, blogging and has taken on a few challenges like cycling in Romania and a Triathlon.
Nathan’s an Essex bloke who loves gaming, motorbikes, fast cars and darts.

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