The Day is Yours


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The Day Is Yours is a protest against the culture of speed both in society at large but also, more ominously, in the church itself. Rooted in the monastic liturgy of the hours, The Day is Yours argues that in order for Christians to act as a truly prophetic witness, in a time of cultural decadence, they must recover a more biblical rhythm in which work, rest, relationships, worship and prayer are held together in creative tension. Written by a pastor, the central thrust of The Day Is Yours is that living one day at a time with gratitude and contentedness is vital, lest the church capitulates to the distractedness of modern life.

About the author

Ian Stackhouse is Senior Pastor of Guildford Baptist Church, he is the author of The Day is Yours, The Gospel Driven Church and a contributor to the book, Remembering our Future, he is active in the Deep Church movement in the UK

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