Everywhere we turn we see a world full of hurt.

Daily we hear of the suffering of those afflicted by wars and conflict, those struggling with mental health issues, families under pressure to make ends meet, people feeling lonely and isolated, people being victims of prejudice – the list goes on.

It can be easy to become despondent, but we know that God’s love brings hope, shining a light into the darkness. Rev Dr Selwyn Hughes, our founder, recognised the importance of living every day with Jesus in our lives. How by inviting Him in we can be guided, strengthened and encouraged. That is why he developed Every Day with Jesus Bible reading notes to help people to draw closer to Jesus every day and learn to live a life loving God and helping others.

The world is facing a soul crisis and we want to respond.
The problems faced by people hurting are not going away.

  • There are 80,000 people imprisoned in the UK
  • 2.3 million victims of domestic violence in the UK
  • 1 in 4 people will experience mental health problems
  • There are over 135,000 refugees in the UK

Here’s the challenge: bringing hope is a big job, so we need you to join us.

We want to reach more people on the margins of society with free copies of Every Day with Jesus. We have seen the difference it has made to prisoners over the last 19 years, and we now want to reach thousands more people: refugees, the homeless, those struggling financially, victims of domestic abuse, the sick, the vulnerable, the lonely and the isolated. We believe Every Day with Jesus can bring revelation, comfort and encouragement – bringing hope and transforming lives.

Our vision is to see God’s Kingdom thrive as people learn to live their lives every day with Jesus.

We can’t do this alone – that is why we are inviting you to become one of our Partners. Our Partners are our army of committed supporters who give and pray regularly.

As a valued Partner, you will receive Every day with Jesus Bible notes free of charge, be sent regular updates and invitations to exclusive events – and for a limited time only, as a thank you for joining, you can receive a FREE copy of 7 Laws for Life by Selwyn Hughes.

Will you help us do more and follow Jesus’ example, as children of God, to bring the Kingdom through love and service? Will you stand with us by making a regular gift to help get Every Day with Jesus into the hands of thousands more people across the UK, bringing hope and transforming lives?

Just imagine the difference we can make together as thousands of copies of Every Day with Jesus are delivered into the hands of those who feel lost, hurt, forgotten. Let’s deliver hope!

Thank you.

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