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Have you felt a little sluggish in your spiritual practices? Are you yearning for spiritual growth, but you’re not too sure how to get there? 

Jenny Campbell will kickstart your spiritual training regime. In eight workouts for your soul, you’ll be roused into action and spurred into your spiritual growth spurt. Jenny provides you with Biblical grounding for each workout, based on the Beatitudes. She shines a spotlight on Jesus’ example in practising what he preached. And she draws out the tangible benefits of investing in each discipline.  

But you’re not left simply with theory. In clear, concise step-by-step guides, Jenny gives you the tools to implement these practices.   

This is a keep-fit manual for your spiritual life. Revisit it again and again to build up your spiritual strength and extend the Kingdom.  

Reading this book is dangerous as it gently challenges you spiritually. It is full of attainable, practical applications that can be incorporated into daily life. If you want to develop spiritual muscles this is a great guide.” Carolyn Draper, primary school teacher. 

Jenny Campbell is such a good connector. She connects deep theology to every day life, the past to the present, the mysterious to the meaningful, the challenges to the opportunities, our doing to our being and, most importantly, the work of the Spirit of God to ordinary people like you and me.  Jenny has unlocked some deep truths and shown us how to exercise them in our every day lives.  This book will help you to keep in step with the Spirit as you give time and space to draw near to God and seek his presence to enrich you and form you into his likeness.” Revd Canon Tim Montgomery, Missional Leadership Development OfficerDiocese of Liverpool 

This little book of wisdom is for anyone; for the seeker of spiritual direction in Christ it is invaluable.” Andy Packer – Retired headteacher and seeker of answers. 

Jennifer Campbell packs a lot into a small book. As an octogenarian wishing to have read the book earlier, it is still a relief to understand now, that our Lord intended the Beatitudes to be a goal to reach for rather than, as Campbell illustrates with refreshing humour and empathising self-deprecation, being perfect now. The comparison between the struggle of the Ancient Greek athlete and that of the Christian spiritual athlete gives form and structure to spiritual gymnastics. It is never too late to have a go.”  Suzy Miles, octogenarian and artist. 

“An insightful, easy to understand, practical book to strengthen your spiritual muscles at any stage of your faith. It’s perfect for anybody who wants a concise, practical guide to take their discipleship to the next level!” Matt HumanA-Level student 

About the author

Jenny Campbell was called by God from South Africa in 2000. During her time in the UK she has served the Church on staff in two Anglican parishes and taught theology in four leading colleges.
At present, she is Programme Tutor and a Module Leader for the MA in Spiritual Formation at Waverley Abbey College. Jenny leads Eaglesinflight (, an apostolic ministry dedicated to teaching the gift of prophecy to churches and networks, equipping leaders to hear God for strategic vision through conferences, seminars, and retreats. She has written two theological works on the gift of prophecy and a third, Prophecy for Anyone. Jenny has lived in Wiltshire for 13 years and enjoys walking and running on the Downs.

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