Spiritual Direction – 16 Nov 21


When: 16 November 2021
Time: 9.00 am – 4.00 pm
Price includes lunch.

Facilitator: Jenny Campbell

Who is this for?

This is a basic introductory course for anyone wishing to take first steps into understanding the reasons, purposes, and content of spiritual direction in the Christian tradition.

What, if any, are the entry requirements?


Learning content

Spiritual direction has a long history in the worldwide church going back to Jesus Christ himself, who guided and led the early disciples and then left the Holy Spirit to guide and lead the early church. Within that divine guiding and leading there are human agents who carry on the work of the Lord in empowering and equipping Christians in their journey.

This work of spiritual direction is a treasure in the church which people today, of every denomination, are rediscovering to assist their development and maturity. In an age of fast tracking, hasty decisions and noise, the essence of spiritual direction is silence, wisdom, and discernment. Its importance for daily life and church growth can only be assessed with some kind of experience of the process. This course will attempt to offer that environment and help to decide whether to pursue a retreat or spiritual direction.

The course will explore three aspects:

  1. A basic introduction to a biblical basis and the historic foundations of spiritual direction; a review of the New Testament understanding of the role of the Holy Spirit and ‘one anothering’ in the Body of Christ in personal direction and formation; an overview of the development of spiritual direction, as hinted at in the New Testament, in the worldwide Church through the centuries.
  2.  Clues to the importance of spiritual direction for the Christian; a review of the toolkit available to us in order to mature, as Christians and as Christian leaders, in the work-place and in church and family.
  3. Looking to the future for my life and spiritual direction; a review of my life: where am I at in relation to accountability, spiritual check-ups; where do I go from here in my pursuit of maturity and functioning as a spiritual being on all four cylinders?

How is the learning delivered?

There will be three 50 minute teaching sessions accompanied by PowerPoint handouts which will be sent electronically to all participants before the event and available on the day. Each session will include 10 minutes Q&A for any question requiring clarification, expansion, or further information. There will be opportunities for informal discussion with fellow participants and with the facilitator during tea and coffee breaks, and over lunch. The sessions will refer at times to the facilitator’s book, Strengthen your Core, copies of which may be purchased on the day if so desired.

What are the learning outcomes?

To spark an interest in the idea of spiritual direction and to encourage participants to think about the seriousness of allowing one’s spiritual journey to be monitored and encouraged by other people from time to time.

About the facilitator

Jennifer Campbell has conducted retreats and offered spiritual direction in mainstream, evangelical and charismatic church settings for thirty years. She is a theologian, well versed in church history and spirituality and teaches on the Waverley Abbey College Spiritual Formation MA. Jenny is an author and speaker in the area of Christian prophecy. Her chief aim is to enable Christians to mature and be empowered in their personal vision for the kingdom of God. See www.eaglesinflight.net