Specks and Planks


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£8.99 £4.50


‘Excuse me, I think there is a speck of sawdust in your eye. I’ll help you remove it… Just need to move this plank to one side.’

This collection of stories by Jeff will amuse, challenge and – when tempted to display speck-hunting and plank-protruding behaviour – motivate all of us to show more kindness and be less swift to judge.

Laugh and reflect as he relates stories and observations in his unique insightful style.

There’s the story of a nurse and her special medicine – laughter.

Tales of memorable baptisms – both expected and unexpected.

Past memories from childhood and student days.

Lessons from parenthood – particularly the dangers of teaching your offspring to drive.

And Jeff’s groundbreaking solution for world peace – jigsaws.

With some stories written during the early months of the coronavirus pandemic, we will also remember that, in times of uncertainty and worry, hope and help are only a prayer away.