Singled Out




From one single Jesus girl to another, this book helps you navigate your season of singleness.

Fed up of the stock Christian platitudes to deal with singleness? That “gift” of singleness that you’d much rather give back?

Well, Paula gets it. Pull up a chair and have a real chat. Explore the ups and downs together, with Paula’s oh-so-relatable anecdotes of the single life, told with fun, humour and refreshing authenticity.

Years of learning and prayer have been poured into these pages for you. As your confidant through the challenges (and sometimes joys) of singleness, you’ll be gently encouraged to discover and embrace what God has for you in this season.

And for all the not-so-single friends, welcome and thank you. You’re a kind friend for finding out what it’s really like. Because your single pal probably doesn’t need to hear Jeremiah 29:11 or advice to “trust in God’s timing” again…

Honest. Moving. Inspiring. Paula’s book does not sugar-coat singleness in the Church. She takes a subject that is caricatured by many and faces it with passion, faith and conviction. The person who enjoys their singleness will be encouraged and relieved to read these words. The person who struggles with their singleness will find words of courage, vulnerability and faith here. Those who are not single will be helped by Paula’s powerful challenge not to make assumptions about people who are single. This book is a gift to the Body of Christ. 
Rev Malcolm Duncan FRSA, Author; Church Leader; International Speaker; Theologian.

Paula’s book calls us to a better understanding of singleness. She writes as a person who has discovered the ways in which churches can so often pigeon-hole single people, but she writes as someone who sees God at the centre of her life and faith. She offers words of encouragement, comfort, strength and hope to all who want to think more deeply about singleness and she calls the church to stand with single people and celebrate them. Her words invite us to let those who are single be honest about where they are and what they feel and she calls us to become churches that are families for all. A word in season for the church today. Debbie Duncan, Author; Church Leader; Nurse Lecturer; Broadcaster; International Speaker

With unflinching honesty and wry humour, Paula Halliday weaves her own story with profound nuggets of wisdom that will encourage anyone navigating a life that isn’t living up to their hopes and expectations. Full of faith-filled wisdom, Singled Out will spur you on to fix your eyes on Jesus – not in desperation to get you through while you wait, but in real joy as you see His tender hand at work in the season you are in right now. Natalie Williams, Chief Executive, Jubilee+

What a stunning book! Paula bears her heart so vulnerably in the most beautiful way! This book is brimming over with wisdom and godly encouragement, not just for the singleton but for everyone. Paula addresses some topics that are quite frankly awkward to ask a single friend about, yet relieves the tension of the unknown realities that so many people live with but don’t talk about. This openness brings clarity for the person who is not single and hope for the one who is! It’s really given me insight. Read it, trust me, you need to! Faith Jarvis, The Worship Effect Director 

Paula writes with compelling honesty about her life as a single Christian.  Her life has not taken the path that she thought it would and her heartbreak and disappointment is clearly spelled out in ‘Singled Out’.  To make sense of her experiences she delves into the Bible and provides fresh perspectives and deep insight into both well-loved and lesser quoted passages.  Whilst she writes this book for other single women, who had thought that they too would be married with a family, I would encourage anyone who wants to fully understand, welcome, value and include single Christians to read Paula’s book – she writes from the heart with valuable lessons for all Christians. Amelia Gosal, Executive Director, Single Friendly Church 

If you ever have the pleasure of meeting Paula in real life, you will find her to be funny, honest, warm and generous. As she is in life, she is in her writing. Perhaps you’ve struggled to talk about singleness with even your closest friends; if that is the case, this book is the conversation you have needed for the longest time, with one who truly cares and truly understands. May it bring you comfort, hope and the wisdom you are longing for. Charlotte Curran, Pastor, Speaker and Author of Dearly Beloved and Homesick. 

I love the biblical revelation and practical insight that Paula gives us in ‘Singled Out’. This book is full of great wisdom, good humour and well told stories. Paula is to be commended for being brave and writing about her journey and vulnerabilities in order to help others. I believe ‘Singled Out’ is an important book for everyone to read, so that we can all gain a greater understanding of the complexities of modern life for a single follower of Jesus. Pastor Ross McBride, Lead Pastor Portadown Elim 

As well as being a wonderfully witty and poignant look at ‘singleness’, this book offers fantastic insight for anyone finding themselves in ‘the middle area of uncertainty’, waiting for God’s creative answers. Edwin Michael, Superintendent of the Elim Church in Ireland 

This book is written by a true follower of Jesus. It is beautifully written from the heart, with a vulnerability which will cause you to both laugh and cry. The principles here will not only be invaluable to those journeying through singleness but also for those who seek to walk with them. This is a much needed book at just the right time. I wholly recommend not just for those who are single, but to anyone who is serious about following Jesus as Paula so obviously does. John Lowry, Pastor, Beersbridge Elim Church, Belfast 

About the Author

Paula Halliday is a thirty-something year old speech therapist from Belfast, Northern Ireland. She is a first-time author with first-hand experience of the highs and lows of being single. Connect with her on Instagram at paula_halliday_ni.

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