Renewing your mind: what the Bible says – 10 Dec 21


Friday 10 December 2021
9.00 am – 4.00 pm
Price includes lunch.

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Facilitator:  Andy Peck

Who is this for?

Christians who are keen to understand the importance of the mind in spiritual growth.

What, if any, are the entry requirements?


Learning content


You are aware that your thinking plays a key role in your Christian life but knowing this and doing something about it are two different things. The apostle Paul says we are ‘transformed by the renewing of our minds’, but what does this actually mean?. This course looks at how God has equipped us all to become like Christ and how the Bible’s view of the mind overlaps with the latest teaching of neuro science. It gives you practical keys to help you move on with God so that you see lasting and joyful change.

Section 1:

  • The role of the mind in coming to faith in Jesus and growing in our faith
  • How the New Testament envisages that mind renewal is essential for transformation
  • The need for our cooperation in mental change so that we can be all that God intends
  • God’s use of mental health issues within our spiritual growth

Section 2

  • What’s your state of mind?
  • Understanding the beautiful mind God has given you (a look at what the latest neuroscience research tells us which confirms what the Bible says all along

Section 3

Building on section 1, we will see how the Bible looks at how the mind functions and changes

  • The mind integrated within an understanding of the integrated personality (touching on the Waverley Integrated Framework)

Some practical tools for developing your new mindset under God

How is the learning delivered?

Teaching using powerpoint slides and small group discussion with fuller notes available via the web

What are the learning outcomes?

  • Understanding what is meant by the renewal of the mind
  • Grasping how the Bible’s teaching interacts with today’s science around mental health
  • How your thinking interacts with other aspects of your self so you grow
  • What practical steps you need to take to develop change through a renewal of the mind