Prisons Week 2020

How God is at Work Behind Bars

Lockdown and local lockdowns will be remembered as one of the most dramatic parts of 2020. The physical separation left many feeling isolated and fearful. But for prisoners, this is what life can be like every single day

This week is Prisons Week, a week of prayer for those in prison, those working in the criminal justice system, and those who have been victims of crime.

Join us in praying together with others around the country.

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Our heart has always been to see the transformation of lives, particularly those in prison. Your generous support enables more than 60,000 copies of our Bible reading notes to be sent into prisons so that offenders can live every day in the assurance that they are accompanied and loved by Jesus.

David, an ex-prisoner, said:

‘Thank you so much for your generous gift of Every Day with Jesus. Whilst in prison each issue spoke to me where I was emotionally and mentally at the time. Each copy helped me to feel loved, despite all my sin and rejection. It’s not that I’ve never been loved, I’ve just never allowed myself to feel it. Now love has filled me up and overflows out of me. I thank God for your work, because, by your work, gifted from God, you’ve helped another sinner for which I’ll be eternally grateful.’

There are countless more stories of lives being filled with God’s love and hope through receiving Bible reading notes. Recognising this, we want to continue to provide these people in great need with deeply transformational resources, so that they can know the freedom of God, whatever their circumstances.

Your donation of just £10 today will place these Bible reading notes into the hands of someone like David, who desperately needs to encounter God’s transformation in their life.

40 Stories of Hope

Do you want to read more about lives being transformed in prison? Then 40 Stories of Hope is the perfect book for you. Be inspired as you read 40 amazing stories of prisoners and others in the criminal justice system who have met with God. With Bible verses and a thought for each day, you’ll be in awe of the power of God behind bars.

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