Onsite event: Leadership Reset


Location – Waverley Abbey College, Farnham, Surrey
Duration – 3 days

Friday 15th October 2.00 pm – 9 pm
Saturday 16th October 9 am – 9pm
Sunday 17th October 9am – 2.00 pm

Cost includes all refreshments, materials, lunch and dinner.
Please note that this event is non-residential, see here for local accommodation.

Who is this for?

This event is ideal for leaders in any sphere and sector. That may be business, church, public service, non-profit or elsewhere. If you want to reignite your passion, clarify your purpose and upgrade your leadership skills, this event is for you.

Event content

  • The heart of leadership – spiritual formation and the inner life of a leader. Living in the kingdom of God today. Leading from acceptance to fruitfulness. 
  • The timeless power of servant leadership – a practical model for coaching and mentoring based on S.E.R.V.E model from a successful US corporation Chick-fil-A. 
  • What is moral courage and how do we exercise it? 
  • Leading people and leading ourselves in times of suffering and loss.  
  • Adaptive and resilient leadership in the times of change and complexity.  

Event purpose

In this strange new world, many of us find ourselves in need of realignment, renewal and reinvention. The world in which we live and lead is full of unique challenges and opportunities.  

The purpose of this event is to bring leaders together in order to share, worship and prayerfully evaluate the content of our leadership tool box. We’ll look at what we still need to develop, in order to face the future with courage.  

This event will provide a safe environment for deep conversations and reflective time around the issues of spiritual formation, character building and leadership.  


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Dr Joanna Williamson

Joanna is a co-founded of One Rock International which provides training, mentoring and spiritual formation to marketplace leaders around the world.

Joanna has a passion for study and is currently enrolled on PhD in Intercultural Education. Her study interests span a wide field including narrative theology, the four Gospels, spiritual formation, apologetics, political and public theology, Christian biography and global leadership trends. Joanna has been influenced by life and writings of Dallas Willard, a philosopher and church reformer, and serves on the board of Renovare Britain and Ireland as well as Santus in Germany.


Chick-fil-A is the most successful franchise and the third largest restaurant chain in USA, with almost 3000 stores across US and Canada. The business is built on biblical values and is known for its innovative, team building approach. Chick-fil-A are among 10 most recognizable brands in USA and came only second to Amazon in 2020 ranking for the best customer service company.

Dr Micha Jazz

Micha has worked with Youth For Christ, the Evangelical Alliance, and Spring Harvest. He broadcasts on Premier Radio and is a professional mediator, communicator and academic. Micha’s ability in enabling people to realise their potential is ideal for leading the development of Waverley Abbey Resources in equipping people to live everyday with Jesus. Micha and his wife also run St. Cuthbert’s Oratory, a house of prayer offering hospitality, hope and healing.

Dr. Amy Orr-Ewing

Dr. Amy Orr-Ewing is an international author, speaker and theologian who addresses the deep questions of our day with meaningful answers found in the Christian Faith. She is the author of multiple books including ‘Where is God in All the Suffering?’ and bestselling, ‘Why Trust the Bible?’ Over the last twenty years, Amy has given talks and answered questions on university campuses around the world. She has also addressed Parliamentarians in the Speakers Rooms and Chapel at the UK Parliament and staffers on Capitol Hill, and at the West Wing of The White House. She regularly responds to invitations to speak in banks, businesses, and consultancy firms as well as churches and conferences.

Amy is interested in the intersection of questions of meaning and faith with the marketplace, education and policy making. Amy holds a doctorate in Theology from the University of Oxford. She enjoys broadcasting in the media and giving public lectures. Amy is also the co- founder of REBOOT, an innovative youth initiative aimed at helping teenagers think deeply about faith, which now runs in countries all over the world. Amy lives in Oxford with her husband ‘Frog’. They have three boys, JJ, Zach and Benji.

Dave Benson

Dave is a leading thinker and researcher on the role of faith in 21st-Century western culture. Formerly a lecturer at Malyon Theological College, he now heads up our work for Culture & Discipleship. In his own words, his mission is ‘to cultivate disciples with wisdom for the way of Christ in a post-Christendom culture.’