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‘His life’s work complete; his legacy immense.’

Selwyn Hughes was the founder and Life President of CWR and author of over 50 books as well as the highly popular daily devotional Every Day with Jesus.

In his autobiography, told with refreshing candour, Selwyn traces his life from his roots in Wales some years after the great Revival.

He tells of his conversion and call to the ministry, his experiences as a pastor, itinerant evangelist and pioneer in the counselling training field.

His story tells how CWR grew into a respected worldwide organisation and of the struggles to turn the derelict Waverley Abbey House into the Christian training centre of excellence it is today.

Selwyn bares his heart in telling of God’s love, grace and strength in upholding him through the loss of his family members and his battle with cancer.


  • Moving tributes from supporters and friends of Selwyn and CWR
  • Colour photographs
  • Extra chapters by John Peters, written subsequent to the death of Selwyn in January 2006, which chronicle the remarkable events of the last 18 months of Selwyn’s life, of his funeral and thanksgiving service.

‘I need little persuading to read anything by Selwyn Hughes! I was therefore thrilled to find out about the life behind the man.’
—Fiona Castle

‘I rate this book as one of the most challenging I have read for many years, and one that will bring blessing and encouragement to many around the world.’
—Ray Jones, Elim minister, Scotland