Ministering Angles


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Be empowered for more fruitful service

Instead of looking to marketing techniques, business development and the entertainment industry as models for ministry, Philip Greenslade believes we need to adopt ‘angles of vision’ which are Christ-centred, cross-shaped and prophetically critical of contemporary culture.

Whether you teach, oversee, counsel, advise, evangelise, care for or pray for others in the Church, these insights, delivered at various events over the past decade, will give you much food for thought.

Discover from Jeremiah, Jesus, Paul and others how the Holy Spirit’s countercultural call to be a ‘wounded healer’, a ‘wise fool’ and a ‘competent inadequate’ can release God’s power in your ministry for more effective and fruitful service.

This is one of the very best books on Christian leadership I have read in a long time. It is destined to become a classic.”
– Greg Haslam