Man Prayer Manual




Prayer is powerful. It’s life changing and world shaking.
Admitting you need help from God is not weakness – it’s the strongest thing you can do.

Carl Beech walks you through some of the real-life, gut-wrenching, painstaking, all-out weird encounters with God in his own life, all across the world. God is doing big stuff now – He never stopped. But how do we make time in our busy modern lives to invite God to work?

In Carl’s own words, this book is the culmination of ’26 years of ups and downs, triumphs of faith and soul searching after apparent disasters’. Punchy, incisive and written to spur men into a dynamic life of prayer, Man Prayer is full of real-life stories and practical tips from Carl Beech. Coupled with Carl’s wisdom and down to earth style, it’s a must read for guys of all ages.

Honest, practical, inspirational and possibly the answer to your prayers. Steve Legg

I’m so glad that Carl Beech has written this helpful guide to prayer. This book comes with Carl’s trademark blend of no-nonsense, down-to-earth, tell-it-like-it-is advice and loads of inspiration. Pete Greig

About the author

Carl Beech is the UK Director of The Message Trust, a charity focused on reaching the hardest-to-reach young people with the message of Jesus. He is also President of Christian Vision for Men (CVM). Under his leadership at CVM he has spoken to thousands of men around the world each year and has seen CVM expand into a global movement, working in countries as far afield as Cambodia. Always a church planter, he currently co-leads a new church called Redeemer King in Chesterfield in his spare time.

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