Love With Skin On: The gift of your journey




A fresh look at pastoral care – people coming alongside people.

Follow the journey that has led Trevor J. Partridge to understand how the Church can come alongside people facing life’s challenges.

Drawing on his personal and pastoral experience, Trevor focuses our attention to the ever-growing need for pastoral care in the Church. With passages from Scripture anchoring each chapter. Love With Skin On reveals God’s heart for us to be people who care and come alongside one another, the way He journeys alongside us.

Turning to the New Testament, Trevor introduces the fresh pastoral care initiative, Paraclesis, and explains how our journeys and life experience can become a valuable gift to help others in need.|

This is an excellent contribution and will fill a significant gap in church life. Trevor has dug up and revealed a missing jewel! – Pastor Chris Conry, The Brook Church

I could not recommend this book to you more as the definitive statement of Church life in the twenty-first century. Buy a copy of this book – better still, buy two, one for you and one for your friend who will “borrow” and never return it. – Rev Dr Craig Heilmann

About the author

Trevor J. Partridge is not only a co-founder of the Christian charity CWR, but also has a wealth of pastoral experience and has developed the Paraclesis initiative over the past 15 years. He holds a degree in Theology and is a pastor and counsellor. He has travelled extensively, teaching and preaching at seminars, conferences and churches around the world.

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