Living with Cancer, Walking with God


Available October 2022

Available on: October 13, 2022 at 8:37 am


As a believer in Jesus Christ, how do you deal with a cancer diagnosis?

Isabel Vellacott was diagnosed with cancer just four months into her marriage to Oliver. They walked the rigours of cancer together. But they weren’t in it alone. Through it all, they knew the heart of the Father and kept their eyes fixed on Jesus.

Before she died, Isabel penned her journey through shock, anger, guilt, pain and the ways in which she and Oliver processed her diagnosis. From their experiences, you’ll find lessons for the journey drawn from accounts of the coming of Jesus Christ into this world.

The great model for earthly life is Jesus Christ. Not all His days were bright and rosy. So, to know true hope in the midst of grief and pain, start at the cross. Hide your life in Christ and His love, then let your journey, whatever that may entail of joy or sadness, culminate in Resurrection at the last day.

Living with cancer isn’t easy. But walking with God can frame your story.


About the Authors

Isabel had a long career as a neo-natal nurse before retiring in 2019, upon receiving her cancer diagnosis. She had a huge circle of friends and family and was active in Christian work in church life and beyond.

Oliver had a varied career in teaching, software engineering and in Christian ministry. He has established charitable trusts to encourage ‘spiritual entrepreneurship’ and ran a retreat centre for around 20 years. He retired from active pastoral leadership of a church in 2017.