Life Every Day: May-Jun 2021




Voices of Prayer

Christians struggle with prayer. It is so important, yet can be so hard to do. And often we feel that others do it so much better than we do, while we can feel that we are lobbing snowballs at the moon. Maybe we feel God isn’t interested, isn’t listening. But whatever problem we face in our prayer lives, someone in the Bible will have faced it first, and so, in these notes, Jeff Lucas looks at what the Bible can teach us about communicating with our Heavenly Father, who so wants to hear from us. He draws on Abraham’s prayers, the prayers of Hannah, the mother of Samuel, those of the angry prophet, Jonah, and, of course, the prayers of Jesus Himself.

About the author

International author, speaker and broadcaster, Jeff Lucas holds a pastoral teaching position at Timberline Church in Colorado, a church that has grown to 10,000 in the last 15 years. He is the author of some 14 books and is also broadcast on weekly radio shows throughout Europe on Premier Radio. He is a monthly contributor to Christianity Magazine and writes a daily devotional with CWR entitled Life Every Day.

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