Lent Retreat – Saturday 26 March 2022. ‘Remain in Me’


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When: Saturday 26 March 2022
Time: 9.30 am – 4.00 pm
Price includes lunch.

Facilitator: Chris Blakeley

This is a practical and experiential retreat with some taught content and space for personal and communal resting in the presence of God.  Rooting ourselves in the Benedictine theme of ‘stability of life’ and taking Christ’s metaphor of the Vine in John 15 as our core text we will spend time exploring together the principles and practices of ‘remaining’.

Lent is often a time of ‘pruning’ and returning to the core of who we are in Christ. In this retreat we will look firstly at what it means to be ‘rooted and established in Love’ as Paul puts in in Ephesians. We will spend some time in prayer and meditation practices which aim to facilitate this rootedness and remaining. In the space that opens up for us we will sense into what is flowing in our own lives, what may be dying back or being pruned, where we are simply waiting 

Retreat content

‘Stability of Life’

  • What does this ancient Benedictine principle mean for us today?
  • Where am I personally in relation to this?

‘Strengthening our roots’

  • The First commandment as a basic spiritual practice for grounding and rooting in the Presence of God
  • Practising presence and stillness

‘Incline the Ear Of Your Heart’

  • Listening: to the voice of the ‘good shepherd’
  • Sensing: into flow of Life within as well as without.
  • Discerning: how to receive and respond to the movement of Grace at work in our lives

Ask in my name…’

  • Noticing where there is invitation for us – whether to abide or to move – and what it means to trust this

About the facilitator

Chris Blakeley. Chris is a lay Benedictine and runs a Spiritual Direction, Leadership Coaching and Retreats practice. He teaches on the Waverley Spiritual Formation Programme and is also Director of Waverley Learning, a commercial leadership development business, and the founder of Crossroads Retreats – a charity providing retreats and support for people at times of major transition. He has just published book looking at what distinguishes people who ‘Lead with Love’ in the workplace.

Chris has been running retreats in many contexts for over 20 years and roots his work in 3 simple words, ‘pace’, ‘space’ and ‘grace’ – with ‘space’ being the cornerstone that enables us to be available and wise with respect to the others. This is about developing a quality of attention that enables us to be self-recollected and present to the movement of God in our lives – a constant challenge!