James Hudson Taylor – Called by God into the Heart of the Dragon


Ruth Broomhall, great-grand-niece of James Hudson Taylor, relates the amazing life testimony of an ordinary man fulfilling an extraordinary task to bring God’s message of love to the people of China. This inspiration story is told with the help of family archives and photographs, and demonstrates the power and faithfulness of an almighty and living God to those willing to serve Him.


In this telling of the life story of James Hudson Taylor and the China Inland Mission, the power of the living God and the possibilities of the Christian life is demonstrated.

An ordinary man, Hudson Taylor, was called at a young age to an extraordinary task: to take the message of God’s love to the people of China. A calling, which he willingly accepted with abundant joy and first sailed to China when he was just 21 years old. A life of service in China required incredible strength and resolve and was not without personal tragedy but Hudson Taylors legacy continues today.

Ruth Broomhall draws on family archives to bring this unique portrayal of a great missionary. Each chapter ends with suggestions for the reader to think and respond to the themes further.

Foreword by Justin Welby

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