It’s a Boy


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Tommy, Bobby and Queenie are three quails whose main goal in life is to find a decent breakfast – that is until they overhear an angel telling Mary she’s going to give birth to the Son of God.

This is just the beginning of the birds’ adventure as they are suddenly trapped and thrown into a cage at King Herod’s court, ready to be served up at a royal banquet!

Life for the quarrelsome threesome will never be the same again as, to their horror, they discover that the cruel and power-hungry King Herod wants Mary’s baby dead. Together they must embark on a daring mission to find baby Jesus before it’s too late. But will they be able to escape the clutches of the evil king?

Now in its 10th anniversary year and also available on DVD, It’s a Boy! is a fun-filled experience the whole family will want to share time and again – why wait until Christmas?

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