Inspiring Women Every Day: Sep-Oct 2021


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Prayer & There is Always Enough

In September, Rebecca Lowe encourages you to invest in your relationship with God through prayer. Do you ever get stuck in knowing what to pray, or how to pray? Or do you wonder if there’s even any point sometimes? Prayer can sometimes feel like a mystery. But we’re all walking this together and we hope you’ll be inspired and encouraged to move mountains in prayer this month.

Then in October, Abby King delves into the story of feeding the 5,000. For some people, this may feel familiar, but we think you’ll enjoy exploring this amazing story from different angles and fresh perspectives. Have you ever read the story in terms of self-worth, identity and belonging? There’s a beautiful truth to dwell on, that we are welcomed into His Kingdom and accepted as we are.

About the authors

Rebecca Lowe is a writer, speaker and media consultant, based in Swansea, South Wales. She has written for a wide range of organisations, including editing newsletters for the Christian charity Care for the Family, and has worked as a volunteer press officer for the Christian relief and development agency Tearfund.

Abby King is a writer, worship leader and primary school teacher currently making her home in Birmingham. She loves helping people to feel accepted, loved, encouraged and inspired.

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