Inspiring Women Every Day: May-Jun 2022


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Mercy Bringers and Your Name is Better

Our theme for May is “mercy-bringers” with Natalie Williams. Mercy has the power to transform your heart, attitudes and actions. But it’s little used today, either in word or in deed. Explore God’s heart for mercy and His desire for us to deliver this underserved loving kindness in action. Can we find the compassion to be mercy-bringers?

In June, Emma Scrivener asks an important question: “Who do you think you are?” Unpack the power of a name, who you are and where you belong. Find out what God calls you and how your Christ-given identity impacts your life.

About the authors

Natalie Williams is the chief executive of Christian charity Jubilee+ and co-author of four books, including Invisible Divides (2022) and A Call to Act (2020). She is passionate about the church being a place of overflowing mercy, especially for those trapped by poverty or injustice.

Emma Scrivener is the author of several books, including A New Name, and A New Day, (IVP). Emma speaks around the country, is a Radio 4 contributor and has written various magazine and newspaper articles. She’s passionate about sharing the good news of Jesus and blogs about identity, faith and mental health at

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