Inspiring Women Every Day: May-Jun 2021 – ebooks




The ‘Yes’s’ of God & The Sacred Everyday

In May, Rachel Wright looks at the ‘Yes’s’ of the Bible and how, despite the temptation to tie ourselves up with ‘no’s’, God is about more, rather than less; freedom, rather than restriction.

In June, Elisabeth Pike encourages us to stay in tune with the holy, opening our eyes to God’s presence with us every day and viewing even what seems to be mundane as sacred.

About the authors

Rachel Wright blogs at for which she won a BAPs award for Blogger ‘Making a Difference’ in 2018. In 2015, she published her memoir, The Skies I’m Under and in 2019 she co-authored the devotional Shattered with her husband, Tim.

Liz Pike writes short stories, fiction and poetry and teaches creative writing to adults and children. There You Are, her book of 34 original hand-lettered poems about motherhood, was published in December 2017. She also writes on creativity and faith and her book, Circles: Nurturing and Growing Your Creative Gift (published by Onwards and Upwards) is available now.

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