Inspiring Women Every Day: Jul-Aug 2022


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Trusting God in the Unexpected & Comparisons and Competition

In July, we look at how we can trust God when life doesn’t go the way we thought it would. Through disappointment, struggles, and breakups, how do we continue to trust that God has a good plan for us? When it feels like life is falling apart, how do you find truth in God’s Word and hope in His promises? Walk this difficult path with Paula and find provision, preparation and even a call to adventure.

While nature is in full song in August, learn how God thinks about you through the lens of creation. God has a purpose in mind for the swift, the butterfly, the tree and most of all, for you. Journey through August with Sarah and learn to recognise where your self-talk is contradicting God’s voice. Find a way to tune in to the still small voice of God and be released into who you really are. Discover your ability to love more freely.

About the authors

Paula Halliday is a thirty-something year old speech therapist from Belfast, Northern Ireland. She is the author of Singled Out (Waverley Abbey Resources, 2022) and you can connect with her on Instagram at paula_halliday_ni

Sarah Grace is a qualified psychotherapist in private practice and a director at Malcolm Down and Sarah Grace Publishing. She is the author of Journey with Grace and Journal with Grace.

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