Insight into Self-Acceptance




Many of us struggle to believe that we can be truly loved and accepted just as we are. Perhaps we know that God loves us, but are still striving to feel ‘good enough’. Understanding some of the obstacles to self-acceptance can lead to a breakthrough in our relationships with ourselves, with others, and with the loving God who already accepts us.

Key insights in this book include:

  • Obstacles to self-acceptance
  • Identifying and understanding your ‘inner critical voice’
  • How to accept yourself the way God does

Drawing on case studies, and personal and professional experience, the authors offer practical and spiritual help to anyone seeking to positively embrace the person God created them to be – or help others to do so as they explore the issues involved.

The Waverley Abbey Insight Series is based on one-day seminars held by Waverley Abbey Trust at Waverley Abbey House to give insight into some key issues that many people struggle with today.

The Insight series covers many of the big topics of our time in an accessible and practical way. We thoroughly recommend them. – Patrick & Diane Regan, Kintsugi Hope

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