Insight into Helping Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse




Discover a holistic and God-centred approach

This guide presents a careful and sensitive explanation of the physical, emotional, rational, relationship, sexual and spiritual effects of childhood abuse. The authors’ sensitive approach, combined with biblical counselling insights, will aid those seeking to help adult survivors.

Key insights include:

  • understanding how abuse and trauma affect child development.
  • helping survivors overcome inappropriate feelings of guilt and shame
  • offering strategies to help survivors face their memories and move on

With a Foreword by Lyndon Bowring, this book will help survivors move beyond the trauma of abuse, combining empathy and good counselling practice with biblical insight, reflections and prayers.

The Waverley Abbey Insight Series is based on one-day seminars held by CWR at Waverley Abbey House to give insight into some key issues that many people struggle with today.

About the authors

Wendy Bray‘s first book In the Palm of God’s Hand (with BRF) won the biography prize at The Christian Book Awards in 2002. Since then she has authored or co-authored more than a dozen books, and written countless features and Bible-reading notes. Currently training for Anglican ordination at Trinity College, Bristol, Wendy has a special interest in exploring the way in which we understand and express our faith during times of illness and suffering. She is married with two adult children and lives (mainly) in Devon.

Heather Churchill is CWR’s Head of Counselling Training and is the Programme Leader of the Waverley BA Counselling validated by Roehampton University. She is a BACP Senior Accredited counsellor/psychotherapist and is also an Accredited counsellor and supervisor with the Association of Christian Counselling.

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