Insight into Addiction


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Cut the power of addiction at the roots, never to rise again

People often become addicted – to alcohol, sex, drugs or gambling – because they are seeking to escape from terrible inner pain. Addictions of many kinds are widespread today – particularly to pornography and gambling due to easily accessed internet sites – and many Christians are looking for help in escaping the grip of addiction.

Key insights in this book include

  • Psychological, physiological and spiritual dynamics of addiction
  • Addiction’s imprisoning effects
  • The journey to freedom
  • How to develop a new – and true – personal identity

Each chapter includes case studies, activities, reflections and a prayer. With a Foreward by Steve Motyer (Theology and Counselling Course Leader at London School of Theology), this book will be invaluable for those struggling with addiction and for those who help and counsel them.

The Waverley Abbey Insight Series is based on one-day seminars held by CWR at Waverley Abbey House to give insight into some key issues that many people struggle with today.

“The Insight series covers many of the big topics of our time in an accessible and practical way. We thoroughly recommend them.” – Patrick and Diane Regan

About the author

Andre Radmall’s first training was as a psychiatric nurse. He has worked in the NHS and at the Priory Hospital North London. Andre trained as a psychotherapist and has a successful private practice. He has postgraduate degrees in psychotherapy and dramatherapy, and has also trained for Anglican ministry. Andre is an international speaker in the field of theology and wellbeing. He currently works part time as an associate vicar in St Albans.

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