Honesty over Silence


Reprinting – available February 2022




Honesty Over Silence seeks to open up conversations around topics that many find difficult, such as trusting God when life is painful, dealing with anxiety and depression, learning to look after ourselves, developing our character, and living with thankful hearts even in tough seasons. It examines our strength in letting go of our need to be in control, as well as looking at how we can stop comparing ourselves to others, and instead live authentically and honestly as we grow into the people God has created us to be.

“Patrick Regan communicates heart to heart, which is one of the signs of the Holy Spirit. This is a humbling and deeply encouraging book.” – Lord Richard Chartres

“Honesty Over Silence brings freedom just in reminding us that even at our worst, God is present. He desires not our perfection, but our trust.” – Christy Wimber

“It’s going to provoke ten thousand honest conversations, helping to bring healing, hope and understanding to many who currently suffer in silence.” – Pete Greig

“Patrick brings us not to a set of answers, or a quick formula for a shallow solution. He simply presents God’s heart of love.” – Arianna Walker

“This book will challenge, inspire, scare and thrill you.” – Danielle Strickland

About the author

Patrick Regan OBE is the CEO of Kintsugi Hope, and the founder and president of urban youth work charity XLP. He is the author of five books and hosts the When Faith Gets Shaken TV programme currently on TBN.

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