Heartbreak, Hope and Holy Moments


Available September 2022

Available on: September 15, 2022 at 9:00 am


“Our calling as Chaplains is to listen; to sit where they sit and allow them to tell us what they will.”

Who are the people that end up behind bars? What led them to this place and what do they care about in life? Katy Canty unlocks the experiences of prisoners, shedding light on the way a chaplain cares for the convicted.

Recounting the true stories of those she’s served, Katy gives a raw and authentic account of prison-life. Her stories might shock you, surprise you, and open your eyes to an unfamiliar world.

With a compassionate and humble approach, Katy walks alongside those on the inside. And she reveals the most important realities of all – the depth of God’s love and forgiveness and the possibilities of change with Him.


About the Author

Katy Canty from Liverpool is the Dean of Sector Ministers in the Diocese working to support Chaplains and establish better connections between their wide-reaching ministries and the local church. Once a teacher and now a retired Prison Chaplain and first-time author, she shares her reflections on lessons learned from her time ‘inside’.