God’s Plan for Your Wellbeing


Steps to improve in health and wellness as a Christian.

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This book is a Waverley Abbey collaboration with HOPE Together and KingsGate and is part of a wider offering for churches and communities to embark on The Wellbeing Journey. Click here to find out more.


Fill up with fuel to reach your best self.

Get started on your route to wellbeing – and it’s better than just getting that one thing in gear

Perhaps you’re feeling that one or two areas of your life need to be redirected and refocused. Maybe you’ve gone down almost every avenue in your search for help, or maybe you’ve parked these issues for fear of being overwhelmed. The good news is…

You can achieve greater wellbeing in every area of your life! And it’s all connected.

In this new book from church leader Dave Smith, through 50 days you’ll be guided in steps to improve each of the dials on the dashboard of your life, one at a time but always linked with the others:

  • Your levels of physical energy and health
  • Your emotional freedom and peace
  • Your sense of satisfaction in your relationship with God
  • Your connectivity and harmony with others
  • Your financial margin, peace and means for generosity
  • Your role-based sense of motivation and creativity

As you draw guidance from the story of Elijah and life’s most valuable road map, the Bible, you’ll be powered up to know wellbeing like never before, for 50 days and beyond.

What you’ll gain by fuelling yourself with this book:

  • Understand how each area of wellbeing works
  • Receive helpful advice that is easy to implement
  • Discover God’s holistic plan for your wellbeing

That’s an outstanding amount to gain from one book, isn’t it?

Well, read what others have said about it…

‘Dave Smith is one of the most gifted Christian leaders in the UK today and I am delighted that he has produced this exciting new book to help all of us grow in wellbeing.’ Nicky Gumbel Vicar of HTB and pioneer of Alpha

‘It’s hard to think of a more timely message than Dave Smith’s invitation to whole-life whole-person wellbeing. This is not just some kind of buzz word; it’s a profoundly biblical concept of shalom affecting every single area of life. Dave Smith is the kind of leader who practices what he preaches and this message has been outworked in the lives of thousands already. I’m particularly glad that he has covered such a wide range of aspects of wellbeing – from mental health to finances and vocation. This is a brilliant and timely resource.’ Pete Greig 24-7 Prayer International and Emmaus Rd Church

‘Using biblical insights, psychological and medical perspectives, as well as lessons from his own personal story, Dave offers bite-sized daily meditations and practical next-steps suggestions to help us on our journey of increasing wellbeing. As someone who has been through my own struggles with wellbeing, I can’t recommend this timely book enough.’ Simon Thomas Sports Presenter

Don’t waste any time. Fill up your tank to hit the road on your wellbeing journey TODAY. Order God’s Plan for Your Wellbeing now!

Dave Smith became a Christian while studying at Oxford University, where he went on to complete a doctorate in church history. He and his wife, Karen, founded and lead KingsGate Community Church – now a large, multicultural, intergenerational, multisite church. Dave has a heart to see a revival of healthy believers and churches who in turn impact their neighbourhoods and the nations.

This book is a Waverley Abbey collaboration with HOPE Together and KingsGate and is part of a wider offering for churches and communities to embark on The Wellbeing Journey.

The Wellbeing Journey is a new 8-part video series, which will help churches and communities address the challenging impact of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic.

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