Every Day with Jesus: Nov-Dec 2021


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In Search of God

We find ourselves making our way to rediscover Jesus afresh in the crib at Bethlehem. Whilst Advent will particularly provide meditations on our Christmas journey, we shall take November and December to go in search of God.

Whether you are on a journey of exploration but have not as yet encountered the risen Christ, or have walked with Jesus for many years, it is good to renew our first love for the Redeemer of the world, and to prepare our hearts once again to welcome the incarnate Christ.

About the author

Micha Jazz has worked with YFC, Spring Harvest, the Evangelical Alliance and World Evangelical Alliance. He is a professional mediator, communicator and academic. Today he runs St. Cuthbert’s Oratory, a house of prayer, where individuals and groups enrich their walk with God through scripture and prayer.